Vintage Hickory or Oak Hand Tool: ‘Stevens’ 6-Inch Wooden Level



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Vintage Wooden 6″ Level made by ‘Stevens’ Hickory Or Oak Hand Tool.

Product Description

  • Category: Collectibles:Tools, Hardware & Locks:Tools:Carpentry, Woodworking:Levels, Plumb Bobs
  • Price: $11.95
  • Condition: Used
  • Product’s Country: Benton Harbor, Michigan
  • eBay seller: michigan_thrifter
  • Received 1158 feedbacks, feedback percentage is 100

Product Overview

Introducing a used carpentry and woodworking tool – a level and plumb bob set. This collectible tool is perfect for carpenters and woodworking enthusiasts who appreciate vintage tools. The level and plumb bob set is made in Benton Harbor, Michigan, ensuring its quality craftsmanship.

Product Features

  • Includes a level and plumb bob
  • Designed for carpentry and woodworking
  • Collectible item
  • Quality craftsmanship from Benton Harbor, Michigan

Product Condition

This tool is used but still in good condition. It may show signs of wear and tear, but it is fully functional and ready to be used for your carpentry and woodworking projects.

Why Buy from michigan_thrifter?

michigan_thrifter, the eBay seller, has received 1158 positive feedbacks with a feedback percentage of 100. This indicates a high level of customer satisfaction and reliability. By purchasing from michigan_thrifter, you can trust that you will receive a quality product and excellent customer service.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add a collectible carpentry and woodworking tool to your collection. Purchase the level and plumb bob set from michigan_thrifter today!


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