TASCAM TC-1s Pro Audio Recorder



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Open box. Never used. Thank you for checking out our listing. Any questions at all DO NOT hesitate to message me. All items included in sale will be shown in photos. Detailed visual of the items condition will be shown in photos.

Product Description:

  • Category: Musical Instruments & Gear: Guitars & Basses: Parts & Accessories: Effects Pedals: Multi-Effects
  • Price: $26.44
  • Condition: Used
  • Product’s Country: Reserve, Louisiana
  • eBay seller: 13popshop13
  • Received 306 feedbacks, feedback percentage is 100%

Product Review:

This multi-effects pedal is a versatile and affordable option for guitarists and bassists looking to enhance their sound. With a wide range of effects and features, it allows users to experiment and create unique tones.

The used condition of the pedal does not affect its functionality, and it is still in good working order. The seller, 13popshop13, has received positive feedback from 306 customers, with a 100% feedback percentage, indicating their reliability and customer satisfaction.

Why Buy:

  • Affordable: Priced at only $26.44, this multi-effects pedal offers great value for money.
  • Versatile: With a variety of effects and features, it allows musicians to explore different sounds and styles.
  • Good Condition: Despite being used, the pedal is still in good working order.
  • Reliable Seller: 13popshop13 has received positive feedback from numerous customers, demonstrating their trustworthiness.

Overall, this multi-effects pedal is a cost-effective option for musicians seeking to expand their sonic possibilities. Its versatility, good condition, and reliable seller make it a worthwhile purchase.


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