Lips & the Trips – Dance Baby’s Dance CD 2002 New Orleans


Very Good

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Product Description:

  • Category: Music CDs
  • Price: $20.12
  • Condition: Very Good
  • Product’s Country: Reserve, Louisiana
  • eBay product sold by: 13popshop13
  • Received 306 feedbacks, feedback percentage is 100%

Product Evaluation:

This music CD is being sold by 13popshop13 on eBay. It is in very good condition and is priced at $20.12. The seller is located in Reserve, Louisiana. The seller has received 306 feedbacks, with a feedback percentage of 100%. This indicates that the seller has a good track record of providing quality products and satisfying customer needs.

Why Buy:

There are several reasons why this music CD is worth purchasing:

  • Very Good Condition: The CD is in very good condition, ensuring that you will receive a product that is in great shape and will provide an enjoyable listening experience.
  • Trusted Seller: The CD is being sold by 13popshop13, who has received 306 feedbacks with a feedback percentage of 100%. This indicates that the seller is reliable and has a history of providing excellent customer service.
  • Reasonable Price: The CD is priced at $20.12, which is a fair and competitive price for a music CD in very good condition.
  • Unique Location: The product’s country of origin is Reserve, Louisiana, which adds a unique aspect to the purchase and may appeal to collectors or fans of music from that region.

Overall, this music CD offers a great value for its price, with its excellent condition, trusted seller, reasonable price, and unique origin. It is a worthwhile purchase for music enthusiasts looking to expand their collection.


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